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How to do Quiet Time When Your Kid is Done With Naps

  You know that awkward transition when your toddler doesn't really need naps anymore, but can't quite make it through the whole day without sleep? But if they take an actual nap they end up being super cranky? My oldest son recently went through this transitional period. He's 4, and I think we're pretty much… Continue reading How to do Quiet Time When Your Kid is Done With Naps

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Understanding FPIES Food Allergies

Before having kids, the phrase "food allergies" brought to mind images of peanuts, swelling, and Epi-Pens. But after discovering that our son had Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES), food allergies meant something quite different. In our case, "food allergies" meant oats, vomiting, and potentially a hospital visit. This article will explain our experience with FPIES and… Continue reading Understanding FPIES Food Allergies


Toddler Obsessions

Toddlers go through phases of obsessions. Sometimes it's the usual things you'll hear about: cars, animals, tv show characters, etc. But sometimes, your toddler may become obsessed with something more unusual. Man-cub D is currently obsessed with identifying and touching eyebrows. He is also convinced that any sound that comes from the sky is a… Continue reading Toddler Obsessions