Hosting a Diaper Shower

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I threw myself a diaper shower about a month before my baby was born. 

A diaper shower is basically a baby shower where you specifically request people bring just diapers (or wipes). This is great to do for a second or third baby, since you probably saved clothes, toys, and equipment from the first child. Although we cloth diapered for our first baby, this time around we wanted to do disposables. And babies go through a TON of disposable diapers! Estimates range anywhere from 2500-3000 diapers a year.

Since I was throwing the shower for myself, I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. Here are some of the things I did:


We used basic “You’re Invited” cards, and then added a little insert that said, “Big brother has toys and clothes to share, but we’re in need of baby underwear! Diapers of any size would be appreciated.”


I got really cute ribbon, plates, cups, and napkins at the Dollar Tree. I made a diaper cake using some of my older son’s leftover diapers. While most tutorials have you roll up the diapers individually, I did a layering technique that was a lot quicker. I used a round cake pan and started lining it with diapers on the edges, overlapping each diaper just a little, so it created a spiral. I did that until I got the the center, where I put one rolled-up diaper. I secured each layer with some ribbon.

I also hung up a set of onesies that matched the yellow and green color scheme I chose. This can be a really easy and practical decoration that baby can end up using.


I did some research online and created a diaper trivia quiz, which I’ve linked here: Diaper Quiz w_ Answers. For more ideas, check out our Diaper Shower Pinterest Board.

I didn’t do any themed food, because I didn’t really have the time. However, there are a lot of neat food ideas on our Pinterest Board as well. 

Have you done a diaper shower?