Teaching Toddlers about Time

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My son has started asking a lot of questions about time lately. Things like “Is it later?” “Is it Monday?” and “Is it tomorrow?” With all of these questions, I started using a “week wheel” where he could turn the wheel every morning to see what day it was. While this helped him learn the names of the days of the week, I felt like he needed something more. I really liked this Melissa and Doug calendar but I didn’t want to spend the money on it. So I made my own.

We already had a whiteboard that wasn’t really being used, and I worked with the number and letter magnets we already had. Along with the week wheel, I added a spot for the month, day, and year. I drew pictures of different events that happen every week such as preschool, playdates, and library visits. If you don’t want to draw pictures, you can take pictures of the things you want to include and print them off. I put up a thermometer (that I drew and “laminated” with tape) and an arrow so my son could move it based on the temperature every day. Lastly, I have a weather spot at the bottom where my son can put a sun, a cloud, or a raincloud (we live in a state that rarely sees snow, so I didn’t bother making a picture for that). I originally had a slot for “today’s activities” and “tomorrow’s activities” but that became too confusing so we just stuck with the daily activities.

Here are the finished products:

My son has loved this calendar! His favorite thing is probably changing the temperature around. He also has started learning numbers in the 20’s and 30’s since he gets to change the date every day. If you don’t want to make one of your own, you can always purchase the Melissa and Doug calendar:

or I saw these great calendars/chore charts in the Target dollar section this week:

How do you teach your kids about time?

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