One Word Resolutions

A few years ago, a good friend of mine told me that every year instead of doing several resolutions, she picks one word to be her theme. The thought intrigued me, as I know that keeping track of several resolutions has been hard for me. I talked with my husband and we decided that we would try doing a one word resolution for our family.

As we approached each new year, we thought about the events we knew would happen. For example, in 2016, we knew that my husband would be graduating and looking for a job. We also knew that we would likely move because of this. So our theme for that year was “Faith.” We would periodically visit this theme and discuss it as different events happened throughout the year. We used it as an opportunity to really study that principle. We were able to see the theme of faith develop over the year, and by the end we viewed our journey with different eyes.

Often it can be hard to come up with a word, which is why this year we are using My One Word as a reference. Examples of words you can use are: Less, Healthy, Patient, or Consistent. Even if you don’t have specific resolutions, having one word and remembering it throughout the year can really change your approach to decision making. For example, maybe your word is “less” and you want to focus on living a minimalist lifestyle. Or instead of setting the goal to “lose weight” or “diet” you choose the word “healthy.” Then you think about the word throughout the year and make sure your decisions are aligning with that core value.

We’ve really enjoyed and found value in doing one word resolutions as a family. If you end up picking a one word resolution, let us know in the comments below!

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