My Family’s Favorite Baby Products


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When it comes to parenting, my husband and I are all about doing whatever makes sense. Convenience, comfort, and practicality are characteristics we look for in baby and kid products and techniques. These are some of the reasons that drive our sleep training beliefs. Today I’m sharing with you a few of the products we have purchased for our babies, which have honestly and truly made our lives easier as parents.

1.Noise maker

Both of our kids still sleep with a noise maker. We have felt that it drowns out other noises throughout the house (to help them stay asleep), and makes nap time and bedtime peaceful, routine times of the day.

2. Sleeper/Rocker

We used this with our second baby, and it was amazing! I loved that he could sleep in it at night in our room, and also sleep in it during the day anywhere in the house. It is easy to move around! Just be careful and don’t put your baby in it when he or she starts getting big enough to roll over. I would even recommend not using this past 2 months old, just to be safe. When our baby was a few months old, I almost had a heart attack when I woke up (he slept right next to my side of the bed) and he was trying to sit up. I hadn’t realized that he was getting strong enough to try to sit up! My opinion is that this is only for newborns.

3. Room Darkening Curtains

No one in my family can sleep well unless the room is dark.

4. Jogging Stroller

We have gotten SO much use out of our jogging stroller! I haven’t used a double one, so for those of you that have, let me know about your experiences with it. But when we just had one baby, this was a lifesaver. My husband and I are both runners, so this was a much needed household item for us. It has gotten less use since our second son was born, but when someone could watch my older son, I would sometimes take my baby by himself on walks and runs in this. I highly recommend a jogging stroller for parents, even if you don’t run! I think they’re easier to push than regular strollers, and (in our experience), they are durable.


That’s it for now! 🙂 What are some of your must-have products for parenting little ones?

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