Magical Gifts Moms Wish They Had

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather have broadened their party going to include not only christenings and marriages, but baby showers! As they are planning to attend yours, they want to know what kind of magical gifts you would like to receive. You also have the option of two magical gifts and one counter-curse. Which of the following would you pick?

Magical Gifts

Gorgeous Hair- Specifically, hair that need never be washed. It will never look greasy, dingy, snarled, or unkept. If you want to wash it, great, but you’ll never need to again.

Cleaning rooms in a snap- Like Mary Poppins, you now have the magical ability to clean and organize any room by snapping your fingers. (Also included in this gift: the ability to snap).

X-ray vision- To use when you are in the shower and want to check to see what your toddler is doing downstairs.

Elasticity- We’re all jealous if Mrs. Incredible. Her ability to stretch is truly amazing. Plus, no stretch marks during pregnancy because it’s already your superpower!

100% Functionality on 3 hours of interrupted sleep- Especially helpful for the newborn stage, this magical gift ensures that you will feel well rested even after having 3 hours of interrupted sleep. Way better than coffee!

All the Answers- The gift of having all the correct answers to your children’s questions. The correct name if each item will immediately come to mind if they ask about it, facts of wildlife and the solar system will pop into your head without prior study, etc.

Timeliness- You will never be late again! Even if your toddler has a blowout as you buckle him in, or your infant projectile vomits as you leave the house. We’re not exactly sure what state you’ll arrive in, but hey, you’ll be on time.


Painless Periods – No cramps, no bloating, no tenderness, no migraines.

Painless Pregnancies- Sure, it may be too late for this pregnancy, but the next one you have there will be no nausea, heartburn, backaches, etc.

No acne- Ever again.

Cold Immunity- If your kid has a cold, you’ll never catch it.

What other Magical Gifts or Counter-Curses would you want?