Christmas Alphabet

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Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is right around the corner! To try and keep things in perspective, I decided I wanted to focus on the story of Christ’s birth throughout the month of December. And since we’re also working on the ABCs, I figured I may as well just combine the two. Each day in December we will focus on a different letter. We’re skipping the letter X because it’s always a stretch to make that one work. And this way we don’t have to double up on letters. Each word comes with a scripture reference from the King James Version of the Bible.

The story will be told out of order, but with our Christmas Eve devotional, all the parts will come together. I think this will be a great way for my son and I to delve more deeply into the details of Christ’s birth in a way we wouldn’t be able to through a re-enactment.

Here’s our list! If you’d like a printable version, click here: Christmas ABC Printout.

  • Angel, Luke 2:9
  • Babe Born, Luke 2:11-12
  • Christ, Luke 2:11
  • David, City of, Luke 2:4
  • Emmanuel, Matthew 1:23
  • Frankincense, Matthew 2:11
  • Glory to God, Luke 2:14
  • Heavenly Host, Luke 2:13
  • Inn, Luke 2:7
  • Joseph, Luke 2:4
  • King Herod, Matthew 2:1
  • Lord, Matthew 1:20
  • Mary, Manger, Luke 2:7
  • Nazareth, Luke 2:4
  • Obedient, Matthew 1:24
  • Pregnant, Luke 2:5
  • Quickly, Luke 2:16
  • Reign, Luke 1:33
  • Shepherds, Luke 2:8
  • Tax, Luke 2:3
  • Unto Us, Isaiah 9:6
  • Virgin, Luke 1:27
  • Wise men, Matthew 2:1
  • Young Child, Matthew 2:8
  • Zacharias, Luke 1:40

It was hard to narrow down just one word/phrase for each letter! For example, ‘S’ could cover Shepherds, Stable, Star, etc. What other words would you include in a Christmas Alphabet?