My Family’s Favorite Kid TV Shows

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Mama R and I are all about limiting screen time and encouraging our kids to play without screens in front of them. She wrote a post about screen time a couple of months ago. All of us moms want to teach our children good habits, right?

I am not anti-screen time. We let our kids watch shows and movies, and our oldest has even started playing Mario (Nintendo) games supervised (usually watching my husband play. My son LOVES watching his daddy play the games!). My youngest is mostly just exposed to shows and movies by default, if we’re watching them as a family or if he’s around while his older brother is watching them. I’ve never felt like my kids are stunted or spoiled or undisciplined or wild because they have screen time. I actually like that GOOD shows and movies can teach my kids concepts in ways that I can’t teach them, or even just concepts that I don’t think about! For example, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood focuses on things like sharing, taking your time, and being flexible when things don’t go your way. My husband and I talk about these concepts with our kids, and we even try to act out scenarios sometimes to help teach them. But sometimes, shows like Daniel Tiger capture the attention of my oldest more and help the concepts stick in his mind. (It could be all the cute songs. 🙂 )

Granted, we have experienced some negative side effects of screen time, like Mama R described in her screen time post. Sometimes when it is time to be done with screen time, my kids flip out. This isn’t a regular occurrence for us, thankfully. But I have had to set boundaries, sometimes the boundaries being temporary. Like right now, my kids are usually not allowed to play with my phone while we are in a store. I have let them watch home videos on my phone many times, but lately my youngest just can’t handle it. Because I know he is going to freak out when it’s time to be done playing with the phone, I just don’t even want him to have it in the first place. I would rather handle his protest from not getting to hold it than his tantrum from getting it taken away before he’s ready to be done. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I wanted to share a list of my family’s favorite kid shows! These are ones we go back to again and again.


  1. Curious George (PBS Kids)
  2. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (PBS Kids)
  3. Cat in the Hat (PBS Kids) (My 4 year-old has learned a lot about the solar system through this show!)
  4. Word World (PBS Kids)
  5. Blue’s Clues (Nick Jr., through Amazon Prime— Prime doesn’t have it anymore, though)
  6. Tumble Leaf (Amazon Prime)
  7. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (Amazon Prime- a new one! Personally, I think this one is ADORABLE.)


What are your family’s favorite shows and movies? Do you do screen time in your family?