7 Games For All Ages

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My family loves games. Not video games, but board games, card games, and group games. Although our son is only two, he loves to try to get involved in our games. Since we want him to feel included and help him to be a good team player, we’ve started play more games that he can actually do. Hopefully this post can inspire you to do the same! While most of these activities are aimed to include young children, they can be played by people of any age.


This can actually be played with any set of cards that has numbers and colors. Uno basically involves either matching a number or color together and being the first to get rid of all your cards. The biggest rule is that you have to yell, “Uno!” when you only have one card left.

Scattergories- Alphabet Edition

This is my twist on the classic Scattergories game. Usually Scattergories entails picking a letter and then answering prompts with words that start with that letter. For our son who is learning his letters, we go simpler. He draws a letter from a jar and then we each say a word that starts with that letter. This has actually been super helpful as he is learning the sounds of the letters.

Yut Nori

This is a classic Korean children’s game. You need at least two players. Each player takes turns tossing the four yut sticks. The final resting positions determine the number of moves you can make (like of like dice). Short-cuts, opportunities to bump the opponent back to the starting point, and the ability to move two or more markers together spice up the game. What I like most is that the playing board is quite small so the game goes quickly for those with short attention spans.

Don’t Eat Pete!

This is a great game if you still have leftover Halloween candy. You draw a grid on a piece of paper and have you child put faces in each of the squares. One person closes their eyes while everyone else picks which face will be “Pete.” Then you cover the grid with one candy per square (we use M&Ms, Skittles, or Smarties). The person who had their eyes closed starts picking up the candy and eating it one by one. When they get to “Pete” everyone yells, “Don’t eat Pete!” Their turn ends and someone else gets a chance to try. We do a 9 square grid with our son, but it can be as big as you want.


This game is recommended for ages 6 and up, but if you need to modify it for younger kids, the best way is to help them match the colors and shapes (much like Uno). The first one to get rid of all of their tiles wins.

Guess Who?

My son LOVES this game. You each take turns asking questions about an opponent’s mystery character. (Ex: Are they wearing a hat? Do they have long hair?) The first player to guess their opponent’s mystery character correctly, wins the game. I made a family version of this where I used pictures of our relatives. The best part of the game for my son is slowly ticking down each character as he guesses.

Once Upon a Time

This is a fun party game, where everyone participates in creating a story. You have cards that are either nouns or verbs commonly found in fairytales. Our version of this for our son is to let him pick the cards at random and we have to tell a story on the fly.