Baby and Toddler Books You’ll Want to Re-Read

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We’re pleased to participate in a holiday gift guide hop this year! This article focuses on some of our favorite baby and toddler books. 

Books are the gifts that keep on giving. I feel like I can always make more room for books in my home. They teach babies and toddlers new words and concepts. Since babies and toddlers learn best by repetition, you’ll want to fill your home with books you are willing to read over and over. Here are some recommendations of books you’ll love to read again.

Best Books for Babies

Babies have short attention spans, so picking books with only one word per page can really help you make it to the end without baby slamming the book shut. As an adult, I can only read a book so many times before going crazy, but if you pick baby books based on classic stories, it can be more engaging. Here are our top three favorite series:


These primers take a theme (colors primer, shapes primer, opposites primer, etc) and apply it to a classic book such as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (A Colors Primer) or Moby-Dick (An Ocean Primer). As someone who has read many classic books, I’ve enjoyed seeing how they incorporate different themes and characters even though these books won’t necessarily detail the plot.

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Epic Yarns/ Cozy Classics

Cozy Classics– These are books with one word every other page and an accompanying picture of handmade dolls in different scenes from classic literature. The series includes books like War & Peace, Les Misérables, Emma, and Oliver Twist.  I love that these books boil down the stories of Jane Austen or Charles Dickens to just twelve words.

Epic Yarns- In the same style of Cozy Classics, these books introduce children to the fandom of Star Wars by boiling down the plot to twelve words.

Les Petits Fairytales

These are renditions of fairytales using only one or two words per page. Though simple, the illustrations contain fun details for kids to notice. Since I love fairytales, these are books I don’t mind reading repeatedly.


Best Books for Toddlers

Toddlers are just learning how to express themselves and interact with others. They are gaining independence but need the guidance of their parents. Series that help them learn about feelings, relationships, and consequences can really help them as they navigate a confusing new world. Here are our top three favorite toddler series:

 Mini Myths

These are modern retellings of well-known greek myths. Each teaches a lesson for toddlers. In Play Nice, Hercules, Hercules doesn’t know his own strength and often knocks things over or is too rough. H needs to learn to be more gentle around his baby sister. These books are easy for toddlers to understand while also alluding to themes from myths that parents would remember.

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Elephant and Piggie

These books are simply illustrated and help children understand emotions through Elephant and Piggie. They see the Elephant get grumpier and grumpier in “I Will Take A Nap!!” They see Piggie use her imagination when she says, “I’m a Frog!” They see Elephant agonize over waiting for Piggie’s surprise in “Waiting is Not Easy!”

Hello Genius

These books have animals go through similar experiences that your toddler would face and explore how they feel. Whether it’s Missing Mom, Picking Up Toys, or Saying “Sorry”, there’s a lesson for your toddler with these books.

So there you have it.  We hope this gift guide gives you some wonderful ideas for the holidays and after.

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