Quick Animal Costumes

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My son has been on an animal kick for the past two months. Sometimes he’ll go several days pretending to be the same animal, other times he’ll go through four or five animal personas a day. So I decided to whip up some animal headbands to match his pretend play. I got a set of four headbands at the Dollar Tree.

The felt I already had on hand, but it usually costs about 35 cents a sheet, depending on the craft store you go to. So each headband cost about 50 cents. These make really quick Halloween costumes, if you have solid colored clothes at home to match.

The Bug Costume

For the headband, all you’ll need is some pipe cleaners. I folded each in half and then twisted them to form the little antenna. The wings I made by cutting up some poster board I got for 50 cents at Dollar Tree. I tied it on using some extra ribbon I had on hand. At first I just tied it around my son’s waist, but eventually added some extra holes so they could go around his shoulders. The nice thing about getting poster board is that you can decorate the wings however you’d like. We kept them white, but you could add spray paint, stickers, or glitter. My son liked to pretend he was Fly Guy from the book series, or a Bee. This costume is super easy because you can have your son dress all in black, or in yellow and add black stripes with tape.

The Bear/Monkey Costume

To make these ears, I just cut out an 8 shape into felt, and folded it around the headband. I hot glued around the edges, making sure I didn’t actually glue the felt to the headband. I then added the half circles in the middle for an accent. By not gluing the ears down, I was able to move them around so that they can function as a bear or a monkey. If you’re looking for a quick Halloween costume, you could have your son be Brother Bear from the Berenstain Bears. All you’d need is a collared red shirt and some jeans to pair with these ears! You could also dress your son in all brown for a quick monkey costume.

Cat/Fox Costume

For these, I cut a kite shape out of felt and wrapped it around the headband, hot gluing it like I did for the bear ears. The other benefit to not attaching the ears directly to the headband is that you can swap out the ears later on. I made a orange kitty ear set and a gray kitty ear set. These could also double as fox or wolf ears. Use some eyeliner to add whiskers and your son can wear all orange or gray to complete the look!

The Pig Costume

Ever since we went on our Three Little Pigs reading kick, my son has been obsessed with pigs. I used the same template for the kitty ears to make these pig ears. The nose I made by cutting out one of the egg spots out of an egg carton. I cut out a square and then made snips in each corner so I could mold it around the carton. I then hot glued it in place and used a sharpie to draw the nose holes. I had an extra shoelace without a partner that I cut in half and glued on to make the tie for the head. I used a styrofoam egg carton, because that’s what we had at home. It’s turned out really well because styrofoam has been easier to disinfect after a runny nose. If you don’t want your son dressing in all pink, you could have him wear overalls and a shirt since that is often used in retellings of the Three Little Pigs.

I hope you give these costumes a try! They were really easy to make, and my son has loved the enhancement to his pretend play.