14 Halloween Books for Kids

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To get into the spirit of Halloween, today we’re sharing some of our favorite reads! This post contains affiliate links- if you’d like to purchase any of the books, click on the pictures.

All the dogs makes fun of Oscar and call him a “Weiner dog.” Oscar hopes to dress up as something scary for Halloween, but his mom has a surprise for him: a hot dog costume! Just as Halloween night couldn’t get any worse, Oscar has the opportunity to save the other dogs from a ghastly monster. This is a great book to teach kids about bullying and forgiveness.

Little Nell is excited to carve her very first Jack -O- Lantern! She finds the perfect pumpkin, but her sisters say it is too little and bumpy. With the help of some forest friends, Nell carves the pumpkin anyway. We loved this book for teaching kids about Halloween traditions and to not judge things by their appearance.


Egg doesn’t want to go Trick-or-Treating because it’s too scary! Luckily Peep is able to help egg see that the costumes are just pretend, and that Halloween can be a lot of fun. This is a great book for younger kids who may be spooked on Halloween.

Spookley isn’t like the other pumpkins: he’s square, not round! At first being different seems like a problem. But when the pumpkin patch is in danger, Spookley discovers that his unique shape is very useful- and even wonderful!

A little old lady shows her courage when she encounters lots of different spooky things in the forest on her way home. The repetition in this book makes it extra fun and engaging for little readers.

This spookingly fun book has tons of flaps that capture the attention of little ones. Go through the Hundred Acre Wood as the friends have various Halloween party adventures.

What will Clifford dress up as for Halloween this year? You help decide in this cute book about the beloved big, red dog. There are also two other Clifford Halloween books: Clifford’s First Halloween and
Clifford and the Halloween Parade (Scholastic Reader, Level 1).

This is a book that entertains grown ups as well as the kids! Follow the witch and her animal friends as they help each other on an exciting- and spooky- adventure involving magic and dragons and teamwork.

This book helps your child count to ten and down again as they meet imps, werewolves, zombies, goblins, and more. The creatures may sound scary, but the illustrations are not. This book is a little bit longer, so we’d recommend it for children who can sit satill for 5 minutes.

T Rex wants to have the SCARIEST costume on Halloween, but all of the good ideas are taken! Luckily he has some dinosaur friends who can give him advice.

“Beware the swamp monster,” says Thistle. Although they are nervous, Duck and Goose go trick-or-treating and find out that the swamp monster isn’t as scary as they thought.

We love the Five Little Monkeys series! In this book, while the monkeys are out getting treats they decide to trick their babysitter by swapping costumes with other animals!

A group of pirates are off to collect candy treasure! This book was a quick read and had lots of fun illustrations.

It’s a huge monster truck race tonight, and who will win? In the running are Frankentruck, Werewolf truck, Zombie truck, Ghost truck, Vampire truck, or the Little Blue Bus.