12 Retellings of The Three Little Pigs

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Welcome to our Book List series, which is replacing our Recommended Reads series! This post contains affiliate links. One of the most classic fairytales is the Three Little Pigs. It’s mind-boggling to think how many ways authors have told this story, but we limited this list to our favorite dozen:

The Three Ninja Pigs

No house building for these pigs! They’re learning ninja skills to defend themselves against the Wolf. Of course, the third pig may be more dedicated than her brothers in actually mastering ninja skills…

The Three Little Rigs

A big bad wrecking ball replaces the wolf in this rendition. Each little rig builds a house that gets wrecked- so how will they end up defeating the ball?

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Probably the most famous retelling of the three little pigs, this tells the story from the wolf’s perspective. All he really needed was a cup of sugar from his piggy neighbors, but his allergies get in the way.

The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf

After finding that all the fast food joints in town are closed (or they don’t serve wolves) the wolf has to look elsewhere for food. And where better to look then three houses holding pigs?

Where’s the Big Bad Wolf?

A dog detective arrives at the crime scene where a straw house has been mysteriously blown down. The Wolf claims he’s sick, but there’s an oddly helpful sheep that always appears after each house falls down.

Tell the Truth, B.B. Wolf

The Wolf is invited to the library to tell his version of the story, and he tells a whopper. The pigs urge him to tell the truth, and he makes amends by building them a new home.

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

In this reversal of roles, the Big Bad Pig sledgehammers down a house of bricks, jackhammers the house of stone, and dynamites the house of steel. So what will happen when the wolves build a house of flowers?

Wait! No Paint!

What happens when the illustrator runs out of paint colors in the middle of the Three Little Pigs? The wolf gets a bigger nose, a pig gets sick and green, and one camouflages into the couch!

Three Little Cajun Pigs

If you’ve ever wanted to have an accent like the firefly Ray from Princess and the Frog, here’s your chance. Swapping a gator for a wolf, this rhyming retelling will bring a smile to your face.

The Three Little Javelinas

A southwestern tale, the three little javelinas introduces your child to life in the desert, where the javelinas build houses of tumbleweeds, saguro ribs, and adobe brick.

The Three Little Rabbits

Swapping rabbits for pigs, and a fox for a wolf, this version changes the story enough to be refreshing. The rabbits learn that “if a fox comes around, you should go underground” instead of building homes above ground.

Blow Your Nose, Big Bad Wolf!: A Story About Spreading Germs

This book is part of a fairy tale series that teaches kids basic health, hygiene, and nutrition. When the pigs won’t lend the wolf a tissue, their houses get blown down by his sneezes and they catch his cold!

Have you read any of these retellings? Which one is your favorite?