Product Review: Toy Organizer

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I want to tell you about this random thing that has changed my family’s life: this toy storage organizer.

As my kids get bigger, their toys seem to grow as well. I regularly declutter our toys, but there are just a lot of them! I’m grateful that we are blessed to be able to provide toys for our children. But it drives me crazy when they don’t have “homes”- I need the toys to have their places when they are cleaned up.

For a long time, we just used plastic bins for toy organization. This worked well, but less than a year ago we realized that the toys were not all fitting in the bins anymore. (They’re great for things like balls and stuffed animals, but what about the SETS of toys? Like train tracks? As kids get older, they get more interested in collections of things, like trains, cars, action figures, etc.) So…. my husband and I looked into toy organizers because we thought this sort of thing would help our toy area stay organized. And we found this:

Tot Tutors Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins, Natural/Primary (Primary Collection) Here’s the link for it on Amazon (which is where we bought it). Right now it’s several dollars cheaper than when I bought it!


We still use plastic bins for bigger toys, but having this toy organizer has been SOOO nice! I actually enjoy cleaning up the toys because I get such satisfaction out of putting them all into their neat little spots. 😀 (I’m weird like that…)


What do you do to keep your kids’ toy situation under control?