Home Haircuts for Man-Cubs

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Our son inherited thick, quick growing hair from both my husband and I. This means that in order to maintain his short hairstyle, he needs a haircut every 6-8 weeks. We quickly realized that this would be a huge money drain if we took him to a salon every time. So, I did some research and learned how to cut boy’s hair on my own. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials out there, and you can learn how to do a variety of styles. However, this post will focus on how to get your son to actually sit still so you can work your magic.

You will have to invest in clippers or hair cutting scissors. We use both for our son. I use the clippers for most of the head and only use scissors for touchups. I’ve found that clippers work best because they are fast. I would rather use those for 5 minutes than try to spend forever using scissors. We’ve been using clippers since my son turned 1 yr old, so it can be done on the young! Here are some things we’ve learned along the way:

  • Do it in the bathroom. This makes things easier to sweep, and you can immediately move your son to the shower or bath to get all the excess hair off.
  • Have a plastic covering around your kid’s body (we use a grocery bag) so that they don’t get itchy from all of the falling hair. The last thing you need is for your child to have another excuse to wriggle around.
  • Keep it quick. We usually turn on a cartoon clip and I have 5-10 minutes to clip my son’s hair. Sometimes we let him hold a phone while I do it (which helps to get him to bend his head when I need to get by the nape of the neck) and other times we’ve let him watch a screen set up on the counter.
  • Let your child help hold the clippers. This was especially important when we first introduced clipper haircuts. Our son could hold the clippers and feel them vibrate before I used them. I also have let him hold on as I move the clippers across the top of his head. This gives your man-cub a higher sense of control.
  • Let them snack. We don’t do this every time, but having my son eat really helps keep him distracted and occupied so his head isn’t moving as much.
  • Have someone else help. While I have cut my son’s hair alone, it always helps to have my husband there to help distract or give encouragement. Whether it’s a sibling or your spouse, having someone there during the haircut really helps.
  • Give them an incentive. My son knows that he can have a bath AND a shower when he is done with a haircut (something I normally wouldn’t let him do). Sometimes we promise a treat if he can hold super still. Other times we let him pick what he gets to watch while he gets his haircut. Whatever works for your child, giving some sort of incentive can really go a long way.

Do you do home haircuts? What has worked for you?