Keeping Photo and Journal Records for My Kids

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keeping photo and journal records for my kids

Journals: Writing

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I knew that I wanted to start some sort of tradition with journal keeping, as a way to remember the important things about my pregnancy, his birth, and his life in the early years. I got this idea from different family members who have kept journals for their children. I bought myself a little journal, and I started writing. I called my BABY JOURNAL, and I wrote it in often. I wrote down the milestones of the pregnancy, feelings I had throughout, and my baby’s birth story. But after he was born, I didn’t feel I should stop! This baby is no longer a baby, but I continue to write in his baby journal. I don’t write in it as often as I used to, but I try to write the big things down, and still my feelings about him and the things that happen in his/our life.

When I became pregnant with my second baby, I knew that I wanted to keep up the journal tradition. How could I do it for my first baby but not my others??? I HAD to keep it up! I was nervous though, because life was busier than when I was pregnant the first time. I wrote down the milestones and some feelings in my second baby’s journal during the pregnancy, but not as often as with my first baby’s journal. Interestingly, I think I write in my second baby’s journal more often now, even though he’s a toddler now! Maybe it’s because I have more time now that my two boys are a little older, or maybe it’s because he’s learning so much and so fun that there’s a ton to write about!

I highly recommend keeping a baby journal for your children. Even if you didn’t keep one when you were pregnant or when your baby first came home, you can start now! And this journaling can be in the form of a baby book! From what I’ve seen, most baby books have plenty of room and prompts for parents to write down their feelings about their child’s milestones.

I strongly believe that it benefits children to read for themselves how their parents think of them. My hope is that my sons will be able to turn to the things I wrote for them in times of need, to remind them that they are loved and cherished.


Journals: Photos

I am OBSESSED with photos. I am in love with every single picture that I take of my children, because each one captures a moment in time that will never again pass by. Kids grow so fast; I wish I could remember every moment. I desperately try to keep photo records of my sweet littles. Here’s what I do:


This is the easiest way to keep photo journals, especially now that Chatbooks is around! You can have all of your Instagram photos in hard copy for your family.

Photo Books

I put a photo book together for each of my kids every year around their birthday. It takes a lot of time and work, but I absolutely love having these personalized memories of their year! is usually where I get these. I’ve never been disappointed by them!


I would love to hear what other parents do to keep record of their kids’ important milestones! What has worked for you??


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