Conversations with Man Cub J

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If man cub J could talk and we could have a conversation together, a snippet of today’s conversation would go something like this.

J: Mom, you strip me down and put me in the bath tub but DON’T turn on the water. THEN you spray some white fluffy stuff in the tub and look at me all excited like I’m supposed to do something with it. 
Me: I know, it was shaving cream. It was supposed to be a fun sensory activity. I found it on Pinterest. 
J: It was not fun! …I cried.
Me: You weren’t supposed to put it in your mouth!
J: But moooom, how am I supposed to know if something is a food or a not food unless I put it in my mouth?
Me: Ok, good point. Next time lets use whipped cream instead.

J: Good chat.

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