I left the room for ONE MINUTE and came back to find…

As parents, there are times when we need to leave our children unattended for a brief period. Maybe we have to use the toilet. Maybe we’re throwing away a diaper. Maybe we go grab the phone to answer a call. Whatever the reason, although we have only been gone for a moment, our man cubs manage to get into mischief. I asked some other man-cub mamas to complete the sentence below, with hilarious results.

I had only left the room for ONE MINUTE when I came back to find my child:

  1. with vaseline all over his body and the walls
  2. hiding the bottle of bacon bits in his pocket
  3. standing next to a shattered glass pie pan full of cinnamon rolls
  4. using my hairbrush as a toilet brush
  5. peeing on the carpet
  6. throwing a mountain of freshly folded laundry on the floor
  7. discovering how to open the deadbolt and standing in the driveway
  8. invisible, but audible. he scooted under the couch and was crying because he couldn’t get back out
  9. rolled off the couch (at 7 months old) and was playing on the floor
  10. had organized all of his matchbox cars in order of horsepower

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